Engagement Strategies in Retail Financial Services

The world of retail financial services is changing, as customers are advancing their financial management habits to their smartphones. In a world where consumers are overwhelmed with choice, how can financial service providers create tangible value for their prospects and existing customers?

Discover Voleo’s strategic framework for engaging the next wave of banking customers, and building a community of brand advocates.

Realize Your Hispanic Financial Opportunity

The 5 key steps to realizing your Hispanic financial opportunity from recognizing U.S. Hispanics’ importance and financial viability to how to engage and win with this powerhouse consumer.

Where are the credit-worthy millennials? Cutting through the hype to understand this growing segment

Lenders that take a closer look at this underserved segment have an opportunity to forge relationships that bring new borrowers into the financial system, generating significant growth for those borrowers and their financial institutions. In this paper, we leverage public and proprietary data to address three important questions about millennials:

  1. Where do they live?
  2. Are they financially healthy?
  3. Do they own homes?

Impactful Online Marketing & Lead Generation Strategies for Consumer Lenders Using Digital Media to Drive Awareness, Leads, Conversions and Revenue

Banks and consumer finance companies are capitalizing on powerful new digital marketing strategies to create engaging customer experiences and find highly qualified leads.

The consumer lending business has a significant opportunity to increase loan volume through deploying new digital marketing strategies. While consumer loan marketers have long relied on offline marketing to generate high quality loans, new approaches and strategies are being developed to apply this same science and rigor in an online environment. Those that understand and embrace these strategies will be poised for online success and sales for years to come.

Money Matters: How Affluent Millennials are Living the Millennial Dream

Affluence has been a growing buzzword when it comes to millennials in the marketing and business world. Across the board, brands from Burberry to BMW have been wondering how to engage a nascent but growing population of affluent young adults, due to their nontrivial impact on discretionary spending.

Four Ways to Enable Micro-moments of Influence

With the advent of new technology driving more channels for content consumption – and the message dilution, potential for dissonance and lack of engagement that comes with it – today’s customer journey is no longer linear.

Readers will learn more about four trends, how to maximize them instead of falling victim to them and a specific solution from e-Spirit called FirstSpirit CaaS (Content-as-a-Service) that can help future-proof your content strategy and enable micro-moments of influence.

Affluent Millennials: Winning the Generation that is Transforming the Financial World

Totaling 15.5 million in the United States, Affluent Millennials are on the brink of a massive generational transfer of at least $59 trillion in personal wealth. As one of the largest generations in history, Affluent Millennials are vital to the United States economy and equipped with exceptional buying power, spending $2 trillion annually. As their incomes and investable assets grow, this powerful generation will command major changes within the finance industry.

A recent global study by LinkedIn & Ipsos of 9,200 Millennial and GenX Internet users across 10 countries examined the preferences and behaviors impacting the financial decisions of Affluent Millennials, that is those with more than $100,000 in investable assets, excluding real estate. The study focused on 1,507 responses from the United States. It reveals valuable insights firms can use now to begin appealing to this powerful digital generation and capture their loyalty long into the future.

LinkedIn & Ipsos’ study provides actionable insights on:

  • How Affluent Millennials are dramatically reshaping the future of the finance industry.
  • How Affluent Millennials are preparing for tomorrow.
  • What Affluent Millennials are looking for in a financial services provider and why it’s important to begin strengthening relationships with them today.

Download “Winning Affluent Millennials: How This New Power Persona is Reshaping The Finance Industry” now for data and insights that will shape the way financial firms target and serve Affluent Millennials.

Winning Affluent Millennials Infographic

Not in the mood to do a lot of reading? Download the infographic for a snap shot of this research study!

Digital Marketing is Reshaping Financial Services

Info-graphic highlighting the growth of digital marketing in the financial services industry.

A Case for Building Better Customer Engagement in the Financial Services Sector

Most importantly, financial services have had to start from the ground up in finding sustainable ways of re-establishing customer trust while building new relationships and restoring old ones.

Four Social Media Strategies for Business Success

Hootsuite has created the Financial Services: 4 Social Media Strategies for Business Success white paper to provide direction on how your financial services enterprise can locate where it currently stands on the social media maturity model. Is your financial enterprise in the Social Advocate stage, or have you moved up to Social Teams? How can you become a Social Organization according to the model? The white paper will help take stock of where you currently stand and give you a solid understanding of where you need to get to in order to achieve your business goals.