June 21, 2018
  • 7:30 AM
    Registration and Breakfast
  • 8:15 AM
    Opening Comments from Chair
    Jack Randall
    EVP Business Development, Univision Communications Inc.
  • 8:30 AM
    Keynote Address
    Driving Profit Through Millennial Consumer Trends
    Jeff Fromm
    President, FutureCast
    Author, "Marketing to Millennials"
    • Understanding how your culture impacts Xers and Boomers
    • Clarifying the spending power of each generation
    • Six mindsets that impact profit performance
    • Creating an innovation framework

    How to bridge the profit gap between millennials & financial services

  • 9:30 AM
    Power Panel: New Products and Innovations that Excite Millennials
    What Works, What Doesn’t and How to Win Hearts and Minds
    Catherine Flax
    CEO, Pefin
    William Falcon
    Co-founder and Chief AI Officer, NextGenVest
    Duncan Davidson
    General Partner, Bullpen Capital

    It’s no secret that financial services are facing a problem with 73% of US millennials claiming they would be more excited about a new Financial Services offering from Google, Amazon, Apple, or PayPal. Find out how to adapt your products and services across a multi-platform environment that stands-out. Hear key panellists share their tips to:

    • Design new products: How new subscription-based advice transforms the industry
    • Innovate in wealth and insurance: Surprising small service add-ons that make a big difference
    • Use Robo-advisors: Embracing automation, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies

    How to inspire and empower millennials and drive brand growth through product.

  • 10:15 AM
    Industry Expert: Univision
    Accelerate Your Growth by Winning with U.S. Hispanics
    Juliana Gomez
    Director, Strategy & Insights, Univision Communications Inc.

    Today, U.S. Hispanics represent 1 out of 5 millennials and are driving 100% of the growth in this demographic. Discover how financial marketers can reach Hispanic customers for continued success and growth in the future.
    Gain actionable insights on:

    • The Hispanic financial opportunity
    • The similarities and differences between Hispanic and non-Hispanic financial behaviors
    • Hispanic financial goals and drivers of action

    Takeaway the knowledge required to develop your winning Hispanic strategy.

  • 10:45 AM
    Morning Break
  • 11:15 AM
    Case Study: CFA Institute
    Visual Social Marketing: The Next Generation of Social Media
    Marissa Pick
    Global Director, B2B Social Media, CFA Institute

    It's no wonder emerging visual social platforms like Pinterest, Snapchat, and Instagram are on fire with both brands and consumers. The human brain process images 60,000 times faster than text and 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visually based. Visual social marketing is the new standard for driving a deeper engagement within social media. This session will share case studies and examples to give you clear steps and tools as to how you can utilize Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest to get your Visual Social Marketing up to speed. This session will prove to you why visual social marketing strategy is essential, and how you can take advantage of specific strategies, tools, tactics, and tips for implementation.

  • 11:45 AM
    Case Study: Personalized Focus
    Connecting with Millennials through Better Digital Engagement Strategies
    Ruby Walia
    EVP, Head of Digital Banking, North America, HSBC

    Personalization is empowering millennial relationships: the challenge for financial service companies is to create a bond with this vital customer sector through dynamic engagement tactics across mobile channels. Take a deep dive into:

    • How to drive connection with customers across digital products and services bundles-based entertainment and real-time conversations
    • Ways to monetize products or services: Meeting millennial customer lifestyles and needs
    • Moving beyond traditional CRM: Customized offerings and brand differentiation

    Learn how to drive engagement strategies across your digital platforms: From saving to retirement.

  • 12:15 PM
    Networking Lunch
  • 1:15 PM
    Focus Session: On-Demand Apps
    What Drives Adoption and How We Are Using Apps to Attract Millennials
    Tim Attia
    CEO & Co-Founder, Slice

    Millennials are embracing financial apps with gusto. This session offers delegates insight into how to engage with Gen Y using apps and how to design services, which appeal to their 24/7 one click demand. Find out how new mobile apps can offer competitive advantages:

    • Design a mobile app reality check: What is really working and why?
    • Apps, geo location and new product strategies: Designing for tablets and smartphones on the go
    • Building a relationship via handsets: CRM via next generation apps

    Maximizing the impact of mobile app convenience and new products to millennials.

  • 1:45 PM
    Case Study: Fidelity Investments
    AI: What’s going on behind the hype?
    Evan Gerber
    VP Cognitive Design, Fidelity Investments

    AI is not a magical silver bullet, it’s a collection of technologies and capabilities centered around big bodies of data, math to crunch the numbers, and smarter touchpoints arrayed across a user journey.

    Used correctly, AI delights customers with frictionless, individualized experiences. But these are powerful and delicate tools, and they do quite a bit of damage to both brands and customer relationships when used incorrectly.

    In this talk, we will separate fact from fiction, and explore how designers, product managers, and strategists can incorporate AI into their digital platforms.

    Using insights gathered from customer research, and lessons learned working with established vendors and small startups, attendees will learn about valuable tools, critical dependencies, and best practices when developing intelligent digital experiences.

  • 2:15 PM
    Afternoon Break
  • 2:45 PM
    Panel Discussion: Understanding Millennials’ Behavior
    Which Tools Gain the Best Insights and Drive Engagement
    Jenet Ferris
    Marketing Director, Greater Hudson Bank
    Patrick McCarthy
    SVP, Global Head of Marketing, Citi FinTech
    Rob Russini
    Senior Director of Marketing, Hudson Heritage Federal Credit Union
    Bill Walker
    Chief Revenue Officer, Unison
    Aron Szapiro
    Director of Policy Research, Morningstar

    Millennials have grown up alongside advancements in technology and media platforms placing them in the most intriguing territory regarding media, purchasing and investment habits. There are many analytical and data tools. We discuss which ones will work best for you, so you will walk away with key insights:

    • How do behavior analytics add value to your practical strategies?
    • Gaining greater business returns: How best to use behavioral insights back into the company
    • What doesn’t the data tell you? What external factors are impacting millennials?

    Get into the minds of millennials and how they consume financial services.

  • 3:30 PM
    Outside Perspective: Upright Citizens Brigade
    To Build a Millennial Brand, Build a Millennial Community
    Deidre Sullivan
    Director of Brand Strategy, The Upright Citizens Brigade

    For 20 years, Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB), the comedy company, has been running theaters, making content and training thousands in the skills of improv—all the while providing a pipeline of talent to the entertainment industry.

    The key? It’s less about being funny than you might think. It’s about fostering a community, listening to its needs and demands, and helping it grow. Learn how UCB has inspired generations of fans and performers—and how building a community of your own is crucial to engaging millennials.

  • 4:00 PM
    CASE STUDY: Rebellion Research
    Designing New Products and Services with Millennials in Mind: Emerging Technology and Navigating the Constantly-Changing Landscape
    Alexander Fleiss
    CEO, Rebellion Research

    Regulations foster fairness but sometimes stifle innovation that could make financial services more affordable, accessible and simple to use. Find out how new investment products are opening up opportunity to the millennials and beyond. Delve into the whole range Robo and AI financial services to discover the latest:

    • Financial services and investment regulations: Navigating the landscape around millennials
    • Balancing the future investment opportunities: Robo-advisors and AI equities
    • What does the AI and machine learning landscape mean for our next generation of FS and investors: The future of regulating investment advice, and the role of technology Competing with traditional banks through high-tech innovations
  • 4:30 PM
    Conference Adjourns to Day Two and Evening Cocktail Reception

    Unwind and mingle with the delegates and speakers at our exclusive end-of-the-day reception. Bring your business cards!

June 21, 2018
June 22, 2018
  • 7:45 AM
    Registration and Breakfast
  • 8:15 AM
    Opening Comments from Chair
    Bill Webster
    Marketing Consultant, National Life Group
  • 8:30 AM
    Opening Address
    Creating an Employer Brand that Millennials Love
    Chip House
    COO & Co-founder, Structural

    Creating an engaged workforce! Nichol will share a story of engaging a workforce to instill innovation and form a culture of leaders. Sunrise Banks takes us through a journey of how to create a caring culture of achievement for millennials and all generations. Make an action plan to:

    • Pinpoint changes needed to engage with millennials: the influential generation of customers, citizens, and employees
    • Match external brand with internal brand values, which enable an innovative culture
    • Drive transformation with a practical framework putting millennials at the heart of your company

    Align your internal brand with your future millennial business goals.

  • 9:00 AM
    Industry Expert: Shutterstock
    Scaling Branded Visual Content
    Paul Cowan
    VP, Enterprise and SMB Marketing, Shutterstock

    As Mary Meeker outlined in her 2017 internet trends report, adults are spending an average of 3+ hours per day looking at digital media on mobile devices. It’s no surprise that this behavior is driving mobile ad spend and an increasing demand for engaging content with shorter time frames to get it done. This session addresses the problem of how brands have more options today to create content, yet are not set up to create content at scale. Actionable takeaways include how to scale content across multiple channels, learning which channels to prioritize for maximum engagement and types of content that resonate with customers.

  • 9:30 AM
    Delving into the Five Top Game Changing Tactics That Attract Millennials
    Sophia Bera
    Founder, Gen Y Planning
    Melissa Hougie
    Content Strategist, Popular Bank
    Deepanjan De
    Head of Industry, Financial Services, Facebook

    Millennials are changing how financial businesses operate through their unique preferences and behaviours surrounding spending, lifestyle, and investment. Hear directly from millennials themselves on how you can become part of their new world:

    • Explore what millennials want from banks, investment companies and insurance – changing needs and priorities
    • Pinpoint where they are financially now and in the future – how will this change over the next 10 years?
    • Discover which new products are working in life moments – graduate debt, cars, marriage, kids, and beyond

    Gain insights on the future needs of millennials.

  • 10:15 AM
    Morning Break
  • 10:45 AM
    Key Wealth Management Trends – Six Millennial Priorities for 2020
    Grayson Hofferber
    President, Millennial Wealth Management, LLC

    All financial service companies must balance growth with what they also have going on. But to avoid planning for millennials means missing out on the emerging wealth and loyalty of the next 50 years. Discover key future priorities, which can support both core ‘keep-the-lights-on’ functions and large-scale millennial wealth initiatives.  Develop a plan to:

    • Update your IT marketing to get ready for the ‘new millennial’ way of investing
    • Slash costs by simplifying wealth management marketing tools and techniques
    • Build digital capabilities to get more intelligent about your customers’ long-term needs

    Create a fresh roadmap to achieve your customers’ wealth objectives.

  • 11:15 AM
    Case Study: Fifth Third Bank
    Who are Millennials and How do you Gain Their Engagement and Loyalty?
    Danielle Anderson
    AVP, Principal Project Manager, Operations Strategic Services, Fifth Third Bank

    Banks sometimes only touch the surface in their understanding of younger customers, however, we have discovered that there are subtle and very really differences to be acknowledge to increased brand awareness. Find out why it is a two-way conversation: Learn the best tools now:

    • Cultural context of Millennials: Putting the context of when Millennials grew up and how that compares to other generations
    • How does the events of the past 10 years shape how they act and think?
    • Setting out with new ‘rules of engagement goals’: winning hearts and minds

    Grow your millennial power base and reach market saturation through the right community.

  • 11:45 AM
    Spotlight: Voleo Inc.
    Create an Engaging and Social Investing Experience
    Alana Levine
    Marketing Director, Voleo Inc.

    Voleo is a turn-key individual and group trading platform that allows financial institutions to create an engaging and social investing experience for their customers. Get an inside peek at the mobile app’s features, functions and capabilities.

  • 11:50 AM
    Case Study: Multicultural Millennials
    Who They Are and What They Want from Their Financial Services Providers
    Nadia Pringle Davis
    Director of Multicultural Marketing, Prudential Financial

    America’s population makeup is continually changing, and today 42% of Millennials are people of African-American, Asian-American, and Hispanic heritage. It is vital for financial services companies to delve more deeply into segmentation behaviors and needs to understand how best to engage with these consumers. Gain insights on:

    • Conducting market research to identify niche segments
    • Which channels and marketing tools work best for specific groups
    • How to leverage partnerships with companies and social networks to build trust and emotional connection

    Navigate your multicultural FS journey and be there for all your customers on their touchpoints.

  • 12:20 PM
    Networking Lunch
  • 1:30 PM
    Case Study: Understanding the Sharing Economy
    How can it Become Embedded in Every Part of the Financial System?
    Kate Hao
    CEO & Founder, Happy Mango

    The sharing economy refers to decentralized asset ownership and using information technology to find efficient matches between providers and users of capital. What does this mean for financial services companies and marketing to millennials who may turn to a bank or a disruptor intermediary? Panelists thrash out pros and cons:

    • Can banks and FS companies become as hip as the digital ‘Rockstars’?
    • Peer-to-peer lending and alternative financial propositions
    • Which are the moments of truth when changing or choosing a bank or FS product?
  • 2:00 PM
    Case Study: Society of Grownups, MassMutual
    Millennials & Money: Tips For Navigating The New Grownup Frontier
    Xiomara Lorenzo
    Director & Product Manager - Society of Grownups, Society of Grownups

    It’s no secret that millennials face a unique set of challenges in their financial lives, such as crippling student loan debt, rising costs of living that outpace starting salaries, and more. Financial service professionals must proactively transform the conversation around financial betterment for this generation while there’s still time for them to get ahead. You’ll walk away from this session with a new way of approaching financial guidance for this specific generation, a way of thinking that:

    • Favors a values-based approach to financial planning.
    • Redefines the role of a financial planner as a tech-savvy partner instead of a teacher.
    • Helps millennials take action with their finances instead of hiding from them.

    Take away fresh, honest and proven approaches that will help you transform your financial conversations with millennials.

  • 2:30 PM
    End of Day Networking Break
  • 3:00 PM
    Conference Adjourns
June 22, 2018

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