Embrace digital. Transform your brand. Attract Millennials.

What’s included in the Marketing to Millennials for Financial Services brochure:

  • 12+ hours of content
  • 23 expert speakers
  • 8 practical case studies
8Practical Case Studies
23+Expert Speakers
12+Hours of Content
3Interactive Panels

7 Key Themes:

  1. Profit Opportunities: Segment the market and target the best fit for your business
  2. Expand Reach: Integrate innovation into your growth strategy to capture digital natives
  3. Customer Insights: Provide a stellar customer experience to acquire and retain Gen Y
  4. Mobile/UX: Become proficient at the platforms Millennials use to connect with them
  5. Specialized Products: Design and offer the right products to meet their needs and grow your sales
  6. Branding: Join the ranks of Starbucks, Apple and other popular brands Millennials are loyal to for years
  7. Social Media: Engage with Millennials and their networks to build lasting relationships

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